The key to success is in the planning.  Our extensive experience in project management allows us to convert your big picture ideas into real world results.  Using proven methodologies and industry standards, our client-centered approach allows us to define project requirements, accurately estimate time-frames and provide a detailed implementation plan based upon your schedule and budget.

Project ManagementStrategic Risk Management
Planning for the unknown can be a daunting task.  Our project management experience allows us to help you plan for the future and minimize the impact of the unexpected through the implementation of a Strategic Risk Management Plan.

Schedule Management
Time is money.  One of the keys to any project implementation is managing the time-line to meet expectations and avoid cost overages.  Our project management teams are experts in scheduling so that estimates are not only more accurate, but deadlines are met.

Standards Training
Our project management teams are experts in working with industry standards.  SoneraCom’s services include access to both virtual and on-site training of your staff so that every project is completed in accordance with proven project management standards to ensure maximum results.