SoneraCom’s IT Operations are designed to document and streamline the processes for improved performance, managed growth and enterprise wide consistency. Our client-centered approach ensures that every facet of your organization works together.  From procedural analysis and documentation to IT management and training, SoneraCom’s IT Operations are designed for organizational success.

IT Process Documentation
Processes are critical to any organization, regardless of size. The better defined a process is, the more consistent the result.  SoneraCom’s IT Process Documentation helps define all your processes to enable  improved implementation and consistency throughout the organization.

IT Process Metrics
Defining organizational processes is just the beginning.  Analyzing the effectiveness of the processes is critical. SoneraCom’s IT Metrics can analyze and measure the effectiveness of all IT Processes, from implementation and standardization to actual usage at the employee level.

IT Process Consulting
SoneraCom’s client-centered approach allows for targeted, results-oriented consulting on how best to improve IT Processes on a recurring basis as the organization evolves

IT Staff Management and Training
Having high.  Processes are only as effective as those utilizing them.  SoneraCom’s IT Staff Management and Training services are designed to maximize employee morale, improve procedural implementation and shorten the learning curve for new employees.  Our results-oriented approach is designed to improve performance while maintaining a high level of employee retention.

IT Service Level Agreements
It is all about the customer.  Your customer.  Our IT Operations are  designed with the ultimate goal of improving your organization’s customer service.  From documentation to implementation and on-going analysis, SoneraCom will improve your organization’s performance where it matters most.